Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Off to Kiwiland

Yes, the rumours you may have been hearing are true. Just when you thought we'd finally decided which country to live in, we've gone and (temporarily) changed our minds again. We'll be spending most of the next six months in Auckland, courtesy of Deloitte.

Moana left today (via Sydney and Christchurch, but that's another story) and I'll be following her in about a month. Of course we have to be back in Melbourne when Christine comes to visit from Wellington in July and when Peter and Lynne come over from Dunedin in October. I'll also be back a couple more times so that the people I work for don't forget that I exist. Apparently things weren't complicated enough already.

This has all happened very suddenly and I think we are both still feeling a bit shell-shocked. We were just getting used to our new house, and staying in the one place. But hey, it's a good opportunity for Moana work-wise, and NZ is a great place to take photographs, so I'm happy. Now I just have to brush up on my accent and learn a bit about rugby and under-arm bowling....

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